Pipe Dreams

It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Nightbringer – Another new fanlisting, and a second layout on another!

Grimm is a fanlisting for Ben Grimm, The Thing, from Marvel’s The Fantastic Four. This fanlisting is absolutely becoming a shrine. I had hoped to get some remnants of a shrine up before launching it, but it’s due next Tuesday, so I had to get it up. I hope you enjoy the layout and codes! Keep an eye on this blog for content updates in the near future!

Pipe Dreams, the Super Mario Bros. Series fanlisting, is now skinnable! In addition to the Super Mario Bros. 3 layout I launched with the fanlisting the other day, you can now switch to a Super Mario World layout. This was a lot of fun to implement, and I hope it’s fun for you, the visitor. A huge thanks to dubiousdisc and Denise for their help with the coding!

I also made some new codes. I can’t stop. Help me.

Another New Fanlisting

Nightbringer – The second of the three fanlistings I’ve recently been approved for is now up and running! Pipe Dreams is a fanlisting for the Super Mario Bros. Series! I am over the moon about running this fanlisting; I hope you’ll join if you are a fan!

I’ve made 33 codes so far, and keep thinking of games and characters I need to feature in a code. I need to quit and get to work on my third fanlisting due, haha.

Pipe Dreams is listed on the Other Games page.